Cheryl Zach

historical romance novels

historical romance novels
Four Southern girls, Elizabeth, Victorine, Hannah, and Rosamund come of age during America's most tumultuous era. Can they remain friends as loyalties are torn asunder? Can love find a way amid the uncertainty and danger of wartime?
Young adult novel
Pregnant Cassie's sent away by her domineering father while Seth tries to rescue her.
Historical Romantic Adventure
Orphan Gemma Smith travels to London to solve the mystery of her birth.


"Are you keeping secrets?"
Her father stopped in the drafty hallway. He stiffened, and a wave of crimson rose slowly from his neck to flush his face. He turned toward the narrow staircase.

"No!" Cassie ran after him.

By the time she reached her bedroom doorway, her father was pulling out drawers from her bureau. When he found nothing there, he turned to the bed. In a moment he had pulled aside blankets and sheets, lifted the mattress and discovered the blue journal. He opened the book and began to read. . . .

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