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Southern Angels 4 book series

Award winning 4 book Civil War YA series: Hearts Divided, Winds of Change,
A Dream of Freedom, Last Rebellion


Cassie's abusive family leads her to rebel, tho she never meant to become pregnant. Now she must reunite with her boyfriend Seth and decide what is best for the two of them and the baby, while Seth is driven to do anything, even break the law, to reach her.

Vision in Blue written as Nicole Byrd

Gemma Smith, reared in a respectable girls' school, has always longed to know who she is and from where she came. When she turns one and twenty, she is delighted to receive a letter telling her she has family unknown to her until now. Bidden to travel to London to learn more, she is befriended on the way by the lively Miss Louisa Crookshanks, and the two young ladies embark on a whirlwind of adventure and romance as they seek to solve the mystery.